By way of Introduction

By way of introduction my name is John Sullivan but I am currently using my nickname 'Jack' as often as my given name.  I was named after my grandfather (also born John) who I only knew as Jack.

I joined the US Navy in 1966 at the age of 17 and my sole desire was to go to Vietnam.  It was the only war our Country was in at the time and with a sense of patriotism I felt the need to participate.  I wasn't eager to kill, and certainly had no desire to be killed, but I was prepared to do whatever was asked of me.

Throughout my life I have felt very blessed to have been born into this Nation and have always been proud of being a US Citizen.  From time to time I have been disappointed by the policies of the Government but I have maintained an attitude of tolerance when I was uncomfortable and strong pride when in agreement.

I happen to be very proud and pleased with the direction the Country is finally headed once again.  Some of it is my age and seeing the Nation return again once more to better times, despite the horrible divisiveness that is going on.  For many years there has existed such conflict - perhaps it was always there from its very conception on July 4, 1776.  Perhaps it is only more apparent because of our access to news around the Nation and the World.

The worst thing that I endured in recent times is this Great Recession that we went through most of the prior 8 years.  One of the best things that occurred to me was this Great Recession of that time.

I was a self-employed Ceramic Tile Contractor in Arizona who was able to support my wife and four children by contracting and installing ceramic tile for more than 45 years.  I discovered early an inability to work for others in a hierarchical capacity where someone could demand that I work according to their agenda.  Especially when disagreement could result in unemployment.  I needed to be in control of my own destiny.

I moved to Arizona in 1976 and I got my license in 1978.  As luck would have it, I worked steady for over 40 years until the Recession.


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