What I am hoping to do with this Blog is to inform everyone - but especially MILITARY VETERANS - of the various benefits that have been afforded by a grateful Nation.

My hope is that it will be easy to follow, and most of all INFORMATIVE!

Because I live in Arizona and that is what I know principally, I expect that much of what I will present is regarding the VA here.  Over time I hope to share what I know about the VA here especially in different and new postings.

As the format for the Blog is listing the latest up front, my hope is that the 'Archive' will be used to locate a desired entry.  The headings will be the index and/or Table of Contents.

In time I am hoping various postings will inform in a simple way the things about the VA that I have become aware of.  Sometimes my feelings about things I know and have witnessed.  Mostly programs and classes available in the Phoenix VA and in the area for VETERANS.

Occasionally I hope to interject bits of information more general in nature.

Primarily this is intended to INFORM.  Sometimes to guide. 

The postings are editable so I can change a post if I make an error and desire to change it.  If I ever have a posting that is incorrect, I hope to be made aware of it somehow.

As I viewed the greatest glaring weakness of the VA is 'getting the word out'  I am hoping to play a part in that regard.  Too often I have heard from fellow veterans that "I didn't know..." that such and such was available!  I am hoping over time to minimize that occurrence  I am hoping that Veterans especially will find here what they weren't aware of. 

But this is also intended for loved ones and acquaintances of Veterans.  Perhaps a casual surfer on the Web may discover something of value to pass on.

For all these reasons this new Blog is being launched.


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