Change in Veterans going to the Vet Centers

I was recently told that now the number of Military Veterans that are going the the Vet Centers has shifted from the Vietnam Vets to veterans who were in conflicts and wars AFTER Vietnam!  The is supposedly the first time that new applicants are more numerous for conflicts AFTER Vietnam.

Probably the greatest number of attendees at the Vet Center and the use of their services is still the Vietnam Vet, but now the new people who seek assistance has finally shifted from the Vietnam Era veteran to younger veterans who have served in the military after Vietnam.

Don't be embarrassed checking out what is available in the Vet Centers for veterans engaged in Military Conflict during their tour of duty in the Military.

That is why the Vet Centers were created! 

A facility where counselors are there to assist the military veteran ease back into society after having endured military conflict overseas.  Not only for the veteran, but for the benefit of spouses and family members of those veterans.


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