The Recession caused me to to limit the amount of work I had until I could no longer successfully pay the numerous bills required in raising a family.  My phone no longer provided enough work for me to work some 5-7 days a week that I needed for that income.

People no longer had money, or thought they didn't, or thought they wouldn't.  Whatever the reason, people were afraid to spend and no one NEEDS tile!  Like many businesses, I didn't have work enough to continue paying bills.

It was my wife's suggestion to go to the VA.  It was her reasoning that I had served two tours in Vietnam and it certainly behooved me to investigate if the Veteran's Administration could be of any assistance through these troubling times.

With great resistance I went there.  I believe it was in 2008.  Until then I had only applied and received assistance in the form of the GI Bill towards a college education.  In that endeavor I only acquired an AA Degree.

Now I was going to see if there was any other benefits that I might have been entitled to.

It was that trip to the VA back in 2008 that ultimately assured my being able to finally retire from the profession I had worked at for over 45 years!

Unlike a few veterans I have met over the years who felt they had received a bad experience from the VA, I have only the highest praise for that organization.  Since that time in 2008 I have been ever so thankful to an organization that has been my salvation both in health benefits and financial assistance and that has allowed me to live out my Retirement without concern, for the most part.

As my way of saying thank you, I decided to dedicate a section of this site, therefore, to 'paying it forward'.

Over the years I have discovered that the weakest part of the VA is informing veterans of all that is available .  To that goal is this Blog focused.  Trying to get the word out to Veterans about all that is available from the VA and informing veterans of benefits that are available to them because they served in the military defending this Nation.


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