Attitude and stress

A lot of veterans suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  This is a psychological  disorder that affects the person because of some traumatic event he has been involved in or witnessed.

In the course of military conflict, the individual has at some time sensed a likelihood of death or great bodily harm or witnessed such in close proximity - to themselves or people they know.

Such trauma can even be experienced out of military conflict by such things as rape or even witnessing a horrible automobile accident.

But those events often leave psychological scarring that others have never had to realize out of that atmosphere.

We have to remember that a goal of mankind is functioning well within society.  It is probably more difficult in these times where the average adult is constantly bombarded by the sensational stories in the media, and movies and such.  In addition, the majority of people are also being economically or financially stressed.  And, if that is not enough, now there continues a great political divide we have seldom seen as we do now.

Let us be constantly aware that there are others we make contact with on a daily basis that share these same conflicts in their own lives and daily course of life too. 

I therefore encourage all that see this to take a moment and stand back when faced with things going awry in our existence to be patient and more tolerant and understanding.  I also know that often this is difficult to do.  But try. 

Not only can it produce a calmness in you but more likely diminish the potential anxiety with the other person involved.  Our goal ought to be getting through each day with as little stress as possible.

Work at it.  It's not expected to be easy.  But the reward will be great.


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