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I have set up this Blog with the intention of INFORMING. 

To the best of my knowledge all the information I am providing is correct, or certainly as I know it.  My hope is that if I am providing incorrect information you will bring it to my attention so that I can make it correct.  Either by comment or my email ( - with the word COMMENT on the subject line).

Choosing the Archive on the left can be used to focus in on any particular post, as the posts are in no particular order by subject.  Only by date as I post them.  Subjects are picked as I think of them.

There is also a SEARCH feature on the top that may prove useful for locating a particular post that ought to direct you more precisely to either a heading or some word or words within the text.

The arrow on the top will bring the reader back to the main body of posts if you enlarge a particular post and choose to READ MORE. 

And there is a Home Page link that will get you away from the "Veterans Corner" blog altogether and back to my home page. 

If you desire to write me an email, on my home page I hope I have correctly set up an email link directly for that purpose.

My hope is that this helps.


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