Eye Exams and eyeglasses

VA policy is that every veteran is entitled to an annual eye exam and a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Both are free.

The VA will provide veterans with a free yearly eye exam and also glasses if needed including lined bi-focals in a multitude of frames at no charge.

For specialized frames or progressive eyeglasses (no lines but a gradation from seeing glasses to reading glasses) or added features like tinting and other features, the veteran pays only for the extra features.  Progressive lenses are $100 extra.

Plus there are sales that go on from time to time at the optical shop.

Policy now seems to be an out-sourcing with Tri-West for the exam.

I discovered that my preferred seeing glasses in the Phoenix area are a pair that are able to tint even darker but will withstand the ultraviolet rays of the sun even inside a vehicle as well.  There is an extra charge for that too but I find it worth it.  They return to clear slower than the others too.

As my prescription is relatively the same I keep the old glasses but choose different frames to tell them apart.  Most people that require glasses suffer from astigmatism and I have found that sometimes older glasses may provide a better prescription in the course of a day at times.  I also alternate glasses for the purpose of reading and viewing the computer (typically 3 feet away).


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