Two Veterans Toolkit Groups

The Phoenix VA has created and continues to run many classes and Groups and Activities intended for the well-being and increased life experience for veterans.

Two of these Groups are walk-in Groups - which means that all veterans are encouraged to attend - and referrals from a Physician or anyone is NOT required!

Both of these Groups meet at the Jade/Opal Clinic every Tuesday.  One at 11:30 AM and the other follows it at 1 PM.

The purpose of the two Groups are discussion Groups with direction - and instruction.

The first one: Veterans Toolkit meets currently at 11:30 and deals especially with coping skills.  Skills that have been studied and refined to assist individuals (in this case veterans) to handle and cope with anxiety issues we all deal with on an almost daily routine.

The second one: Veterans Chronic Pain Group focuses more on dealing with chronic (lasting typically more than 6 months) psychological and physical pain issues.

They both have the intention of helping the veteran deal with normal day to day issues.

There is no compulsion to attend any date.  The classes repeat after a scheduled number of issues are reviewed.  The veteran can attend or not according to interest.

Excellent classes both.


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