Computer Tip: Increasing font size

This may be a little off subject but I thought it valuable if you don't know and useful for all - including veterans.

If you use a PC, many functions are available to make the computer experience a lot better and easier if you are aware.

A very good site to see many of the functions built into a PC (Personal Computer) intended for Windows users - especially Windows 10 - can be found on this page:

It's a good page for using the keyboard to make the computer experience a better one.  From time to time I intend to use this blog for what I consider helpful information that everyone ought to know - including and especially veterans.

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Just as the above link is a good page for using the keyboard to make the computer experience a better one, specifically some may not know that by depressing the 'CTRL' key and tapping the '+' key one can make the words larger.  By tapping the '-' key the reverse happens.  If you have a scrolling option on your mouse, CTRL and scrolling will produce the same advantage.  Making the print on a site larger (and easier to see) or smaller.  Try it.

One can change the font size on a Mac screen, too. Command-+, double-tap trackpad, or use thumb and fore-finger on trackpad to pinch zoom in, like on a phone or iPad.


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