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When I created my site many years ago, one of the first things I decided to create on it was what I considered a very useful link to what I considered a great site.

On the top of THIS blog I put a link that would bring you back to my Home Page.  Of course you can go everywhere from there. 

But on my home page, above my name, is the link that I was so impressed by.  I wanted people around the world to know exactly the time here in the Phoenix area at any given moment.  I know people all around the world in many Countries.

More importantly I wanted to also make them available to a very impressive site that will enable them to see the time around the world AND weather; along with many other wonderful features of convenience in that regards.

By clicking on the time in the link on the top of the page above my name, you are instantly linked to that wonderful site that gives access to the time and weather here in the Phoenix area in an attractive appearance.

It has an easy way of seeing time and weather in locations throughout the world and other services that are equally impressive.  I hope the link will be a benefit to all who see and use this blog

You shouldn't have any difficulty using it from my home page hereafter but this is the same link:


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